Horse Travel Vacation Spots: Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Wyoming

The Cowboy State has vast valleys, snow-capped mountains, and more than its share of feral horse populations. If you’re in search of an adventure-filled but horse-oriented Montana vacation, head to Lovell, Wyoming, home to the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center. This organization is dedicated to preserving the future of the wild horses of the Pyror Mountains. These animals continue to roam freely in the Pryor Mountains just outside of Lovell, and they’ve been in the area for nearly 200 years.

The Pryor Mountain horses are special for several reasons. They’re stunning, there are a lot of them, and they have a unique history. The herd has a Colonial Spanish American heritage; they were derived from the horses of Portugal and Spain. If lost in any capacity, the herd cannot be restored. Its biological viability and history must be preserved—this is the mission of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center.

Visitors to the Wild Mustang Center have the opportunity to learn about the herd’s history and geographical significance. Visitors are educated to learn about the dynamics of a mustang herd, the social interactions within individual bands, and the mustang’s place alongside other wild species in the area. You will be able to view the mustangs in-person while learning about how the National Park Service works to preserve and promote a genetically viable herd of horses.

Tour season begins in May and runs through October. A full day trip begins at the Mustang Center and includes travel to the base of the Pyror Mountains. The views are nearly as spectacular as the horses, presenting a unique hiking trip horse lovers will never forget. Mustangs are likely visible for the duration of the tour, and it is recommended that participants be comfortable with hiking and high altitudes.


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