Interstate Travel Health Requirements

Horses rarely need to travel long distances, but some situations require interstate travel. Whether you need to see a specialized veterinarian or are traveling to a fair or horse show, you’ll need to make sure your animal(s) has the tests and health requirements necessary to travel. Below is a list of each state and the health tests and inspections you need to secure before traveling.  

State EIA Test Requirement Certificate of 
Alabama Yes (12 months) (B) Yes No 
Alaska Yes (6 months) (B) Yes (ii,vi) No 
Arizona Yes (12 months) (B) Yes (iv, +) No 
Arkansas Yes (12 months) (B, C, D) Yes Yes 
California Yes (6 months) (B, C) Yes No 
Canada Yes (6 months) Yes (iii) Yes 
Colorado Yes (12 months) (H, C)+ Yes No 
Connecticut Yes (12 months) (J) Yes (iv) Yes 
Delaware Yes (12 months) (B, D) Yes Yes 
Florida Yes (12 months) (B, C)+ Yes (iv, vi) Yes 
Georgia Yes (12 months) (B, C) Yes Yes 
Hawaii Yes (3 months) Yes (vi) No 
Idaho Yes (6 months) (B, C) Yes No 
Illinois Yes (12 months) (A, B, C)+ Yes No 
Indiana Yes (12 months) (C) Yes No 
Iowa Yes (6 months) (B) Yes No 
Kansas Yes (12 months) (B, C) Yes No 
Kentucky Yes (12 months) (B, C, D, G,) Yes No** 
Louisiana Yes (12 months) Yes No 
Maine Yes (6 months) (B) Yes (v) No 
Maryland Yes (12 months) (B, C)+ Yes (i, iv) No** 
Massachusetts Yes (12 months) (B, C, D, G,) Yes (iii, iv, +, *) Yes 
Michigan Yes (6 months) Yes No 
Minnesota Yes (12 months) (B, H) Yes No 
Mississippi Yes (12 months) (A, C, G)+ Yes (iv, v) No 
Missouri Yes (12 months) (B, C) Yes (vi)*** No 
Montana Yes (12 months)(C, L)(6 months)(vii)+ Yes (ii, vii, v) No 
Nebraska Yes (12 months) (E) Yes No 
Nevada Yes (6 months) (B, C, G, I) Yes No 
New Hampshire Yes (6 months) (G) Yes No 
New Jersey Yes (12 months) (B) Yes No 
New Mexico Yes (12 months) (B) Yes No 
New York Yes (12 months) Yes (vi) No 
North Carolina Yes (12 months) (B) Yes No 
North Dakota Yes (12 months) (B, E, C) Yes No 
Ohio Yes (6 months) (A)+ Yes * Yes 
Oklahoma Yes (12 months) (C) Yes + No 
Oregon Yes (6 months) (B, C, L) Yes (ii, vii) No 
Pennsylvania Yes (12 months) (B, C, G) Yes No 
Puerto Rico Yes (6 months) Yes (i, vi) No 
Rhode Island Yes (12 months) (B) Yes (vi) Yes 
South Carolina Yes (12 months) (B, C, G) Yes (iii, iv, v) No 
South Dakota Yes (12 months) (B) Yes No 
Tennessee Yes (12 months) (B, D, L) Yes No 
Texas Yes (12 months) (C, G)+ Yes (ii, iv) No 
Utah Yes (12 months) Yes (iv) No 
Vermont Yes (12 months) (B) Yes No 
Virginia Yes (12 months) Yes No 
Virgin Islands Yes (12 months) (H)     
Washington Yes (12 months) (B, K) Yes (vii) No 
West Virginia Yes (6 months) (F) Yes No 
Wisconsin Yes (within calendar year) (C) Yes No 
Wyoming Yes (12 months) (B, C) Yes No 

+ When EIA test is required, laboratory name and address, ascension number, and test date with results must be included. 

*Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) filed with the state veterinarian in state of origin is required. 


***Under revision 

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