You might have noticed, but horse people are obsessed with horses. This relationship often transcends that of “cat people” with cats and “dog people” with dogs. The time and energy put into maintaining a horse’s health and happiness fosters a bond unknown in other human-animal relationships. As a result, people can pour hours of hard work—both physical and emotional—into a relationship with a horse.


This relationship goes beyond an individual animal. As horse-obsessed people ourselves, we glean pleasure from meeting other horses, visiting parts of the world with wild horses, and educating ourselves. However, there appears to be a crucial gap in a horse person’s experience—what about horse travel?


Our goal is to cover everything we can possibly glean from the relationship between horses and travel. This includes everything from horseback tours and safaris to wild horses across America, from the evolution of the wild horse to horse-riding adventures. If you’re thinking about trip planning for any kind of horse travel, this is a great resource. Just trying to figure out which wild horses you saw off the highway? We have the answer for that, too.


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